Nominate a Good Bastard


We are looking to recognize the genuine Good Bastards out there.

Who do you know that is a true Good Bastard?

You know, the salt of the earth person that everyone likes

and that He or She can always be relied upon.

“Everyone nominated receives a certificate and the winners a Good Bastard Gift.”

So just who is a  Genuine Good Bastard? You find them everywhere.

  • They’re the ones at the school doing all the work
  • You’ll find them at the sports club doing most of the work
  • They are the ones that put their hand in their pocket when some needs a few dollars
  • You’ll find them helping out without being asked
  • They’re the ones with the smiles on their face and not part of the grumpy club
  • They tend to always have a good story
  • You don’t find them saying a bad word about anyone
  • They might have just lived a good life
  • They may have raised a great family
  • They might be a great Dad/Mum/Granddad/Grandmother/ Husband/wife/Uncle/Aunt/Mate
  • They are the ones that can be called reliable
  • They put up their hand when something needs to be done
  • When you want a hand you know they’ll be there
  • If you want something fixed, they’ll do it

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