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Over 35 Rugby

The Good Bastards Rugby Club is still in short pants. However it seems we are becoming of age. We have hosted the three Good Bastards Rugby World Cup in Christchurch NZ and sponsored the Good Bastards Women’s Rugby Tournament in Westport NZ.

We have also hosted the Good Bastards Bleedingslow Cup in Australia Twice.

Pacific Blue have been our sponsors and we have in turn had a number of teams fly to our events with this great airline.

We have achieved what we set out to do and set a platform for greater things in the future.

The Good Bastards Rugby Club is a non-profit organisation where the profits go to The Good Bastards Help A Mate Fund, a fund set up to help those in need particularly in the area of health funding. (So far we have made no profits, all revenue has been channeled back to the tournaments along with healthy amounts of cash from Paddy Sweeney.

We have a basis in humour, good times, a few beers and a few laughs.

We are currently calling on those to help do the work and drive the idea further. We need folk from within the Rugby fraternity and these who just want to help do “Stuff” that has to be done to make the wheels go around.

If this is you contact Paddy Sweeney at 

or Neil Blanchfield President of the New Zealand Good Bastards Rugby Club

As things unfold you will find out via the Good Bastards News and via this section of the Good Bastards Web site.