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The Larrikin’s Guide to Success
This is the best seller. Been selling well since it first came out. Its all true and is about a bunch of young Good Bastards and their misspent youth. It will have you laughing from the first page to the last and most folk can see them selves within the stories.
Stuff You’ll Never Learn At School
This follows on from The Larrikins Guide to Success and is more colourful story’s of Young Good Bastards as they merge through into their early twenties. Plenty of larrikinism and every bit of it true with those involved directly named. You could be one of them.
It’s A Bloody Try Ya Useless Bastard
Subtitled “The Definitive guide to Country Rugby”, it is a collection of stories centred on the Saints football team in Hokitika. All stories have some basis of truth although no one can identified with any of the events or the veracity of the stories verified. Just the way we want it.
The Good Bastards HUGE Joke Book
An evergreen in its popularity. Full of hand picked gags by Paddy covering every politically incorrect situation you can think of. Get your copy now; it’s a great source of yarns.
The Lost Tribe of Jacksons Bay
Motivated by factual events however the story line is fictitious as the characters. Or are they?
It is a gripping yarn with generous amounts of humour that takes the piss out of the Government, Department of Conservation, the treaty of Waitangi and a few other sacred cows. Written to true Sweeney form it takes great delight in highlighting the continual stupidity of political correctness.
The Very Best Irish Jokes
You want a darn good laugh? Something that can lift your spirits, not forgetting that it will also make you one of the most knowledgeable person around when it comes to stuff that’s contained in the book,

Then get yourself a copy of this, this great joke book of all great joke books.