Here is something of real value for you. Fifty Bucks in Fact.

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Here is something of real value for you. Fifty Bucks in Fact.

HOW TO BE A GOOD BASTARD: Send this on to other GOOD BASTARDS Please

On the 29th Of November we are having our Good Bastards Politically Correct Lunch at The Palmer Colonial Golf Club and I would like to give a special gift to those who are true Good Bastards and put their shoulder to the wheel and bring another Good Bastard along.

Here’s the story: Bring along a friend that hasn’t been before and I will give you your choice of one of the books below.

Not only that …… your friend will get to choose one also. That’s $50 in real value. Bring more than one friend and they all get to choose a fabulous book. These all sell in the shops for $25.00 each and many of them were best sellers when first published.

Here’s the list:
• The Larrikin’s Guide to Success.
• The Very Best Irish Jokes and other vital stuff
• The Good Bastards Huge Joke Book
• Stuff You will never learn at school
• The Lost Tribe of Jackson’s Bay
• And a serious one for the Ladies.
• Its time for Women to Take Control – By Rita Hartney

They make great Christmas Gifts

There will be heaps of prizes lots of laughs and of course it’s always great to meet some fantastic Good Bastards.

Here’s the link with details of the event and also how to pay

Looking forward to catching up and having a great GOOD BASTARDS DAY.


Paddy Sweeney
Head Honcho
Good Bastards Club
0419 553375