Good Bastards is all about having fun, it may not be every ones idea of fun, if your a good bastard then you will enjoy what it’s all about. It’s base philosophy is Larrikinism, which is the activity of being a larrikin or just simply enjoying watching, reading, or hearing what larrikins get up to.

What’s a larrikin? If you’re asking that you probably don’t come from Australia or New Zealand. It is slang that describes a hard case, a carefree happy go lucky person that either has no hang ups or heaps of them, either way they enjoy life and tend to entertain those around them just by their presence.

As you browse through this site you will learn a lot about Good Bastards and you might even want to apply to get admitted to “The Most Recent Order Of Good Bastard.” Most organisation’s have “The Most Ancient Order.” Good Bastards is different. We are a modern group, hence our naming ourselves the most Recent Order of Good Bastards.

Become a full member of

The Most Recent Order of Good Bastards


There is even a Good Bastards Day A Good Bastards Oath, a Good Bastards Book and much much more. If you enjoy a few beers, a good yarn, and like to stick it up the establishment in a non-offensive way then you are going to really enjoy Good Bastards.

Good Bastards evolved, it was not a planned project, it just sort of happened. The chief Architect has been Paddy Sweeney. A larrikin in his own right, he had moved from the West Coast of the South Island New Zealand in 1975. Living in Australia since 1981, he reestablished contact with an old school buddy and eternal larrikin, Pat Condon, when he was on holiday in Australia in 1992.

Pat and his son in law, Mike Alford, had built a hut on a West Coast Glacier fed river for a place to stay while they fished the Whitebait season.

As the two rekindled the old days over a pot or two of lung cleansing ale, Pat invited Paddy to come over the next season and sample the hospitality Good Bastard style. The hut soon became known as “The Good Bastards Hilton. This he did, he was on a tight schedule and only had one day in his home town of Hokitika. So he rang around all his old mates to come down and have a beer and catch up at the Southland Hotel.

This became a regular thing every and was always a great occasion. It eventually got around to coinciding with the Melbourne cup. It soon became known as the GOOD BASTARDS DAY. Each year the event has gathered a bit more momentum and looks like continuing to do so!

Keeping the Larrikin Spirit Alive

while having heaps of fun and raising money

for those less fortunate.

New Appointment Pending
W. P. (Bill) Condon  (RIP – Immediate Past Patron)

Chairman of the Board
Paddy Sweeney

Patron Saint
Saint Pam

Executive Board
Alan Kerr
Kevin Hare
Gary (Hutch) Hutchison
Phil Harrex
Andy Womersley
Graeme Bratty
Pat Condon

President of the Good Bastards Rugby Club
Neil Blanchfield

The Good Bastards Navy
Vice Admiral of the Auckland Harbour
John Hynds (A great day always guaranteed)
Ship (Pipe Dream)

Vice Admiral of the high seas
Paul Teen (You could get keel hauled)
Ship/Yacht (Nora Jane)

Vice Admiral
Stu Monteiths (Grandfather used to own the brewery)

Vice Admiral
Hauraki Gulf

Good Bastards Vessel

Complaints Department
Leo McIntyre
(he’ll tell ya)

Head of Security
Tim Teen
(Don’t mess)

Chief Brew Master
Grant Radka
(You will love his brews)

Director in charge of Good Bastards Beer Sales
Cliff McLennan
(This is who you talk with to put our beer in your pub or restaurant)

Roving Promotion Officer
Gary (Goog) McGill (You will enjoy having a chat)

Web Genius
Kevin Hare (He looks after us and can do the same for you.)
Contact him at Rabweb.co.nz or Kevin@rabweb.co.nz

Canadian Executive
Gary Campbell (Just above the Yanks and keeping an eye on them)

Good Bastard Bikies
Mark Grant (Chopper) – Pedro McHardy (Pedro) -Steve Wisby (Ringo)
Arnold (the Baker) -Lionel King (Flash) -Harry Davidson (Haggis) -Kerrie McCarne

Middle East Correspondent
Charlie Miller (Irish – no more needs to be said)

Grand Chancellor of Ireland
Kevin (Guckie) McGuckin

Good Bastards at Large (A title that has to be earned)
Bob Meese – Kerry Heveldt – Gus Heveldt – Gav McMahon – Pru McMahon
Richard Emery – Mike Alford – Peter Teen – Peter Jones – Roo Curtain
Ralph Woodham – Bob Wiltshire – James Bullet – Peter Duffy – Ted Phillipps
John Sweeney – David Pennell – Ken Milne – Kathy Milne – Peter Galuszka
Owen Smith – Pete Jones (north) – Lyn Jones